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Pottery Classes And Workshops

Introduction To Pottery

Come explore using clay both on the wheel and the slab roller. Four, two hour sessions once per week, Wednesday or Thursday nights.

Cost includes all materials clay, glaze and two firings. 

7-9 pm $200 

Space is limited (three spaces per session) Contact me to register

Wine Night

Get a group of friends (up to three spaces) and come have fun making pottery using slab roller, two wheels and extruder. Cost includes all materials clay, glaze,two firings. 

$215 -Thursday nights 

Contact me to register

Larger Group Lessons

I also teach monthly classes at Up With Art. These are two night sessions- one night of making and one night of glazing.  Class dates are on the calendar below. Contact Up With Art for registration, (604) 898-0706

Stay tuned for information on upcoming markets that ETC will be at, and upcoming related events.

Events and Workshops

No upcoming events.